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February 27, 2015   -   Posted by opc   -   in News   -   Comments Off on The Guatemala cluster port maritime visit OPC

On Thursday 19 February this year, we had the visit of the Maritime Port Cluster of Guatemala (CPMG). The Cluster is a joint forum of public private partnership and National Coordination, which integrates the supply chain participants involved from all edges connected to the operations of foreign trade in Guatemala.

CPMG was incorporated in July 2008 with the support of the National Port Commission due to the need to create a forum for public and private partnership where through dialogue, discussion and exchange of knowledge, corporate culture and experiences could be defined and objectives achieved transversal solutions which contribute to the improvement of the logistics sector and international trade in terms of competitiveness and facilitation.

Around 20 executives visited the terminal of Puerto Cortes to exchange experiences and information on competitiveness in our hinterland. During this meeting was to understand the structure and functioning of the group. This structure conforms the Expanded Advisory Board, the Board, the Executive Director (Ricardo Garcia), the Marketing Committee, the Committee on Labor Competency Certification and Information Technology Committee. Additionally the work and collaboration of the cluster in training, studies and analysis of port operations mentioned.

After the visit Juan Corum CEO of OPC expressed that the meeting would be the beginning of a long relationship. Noting that both sides could be supported by information exchange.

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