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July 14, 2015   -   Posted by opc   -   in News   -   Comments Off on Socialize Pension Plan for employees of the OPC

PUERTO CORTÉS, Cortés. For the first time in the history of this city was implemented a pension fund for port workers in the country, within the new Honduran scheme of pensions and severance pay.


Executives of the Central American port operator (OPC), which is a dealership based in this port, confirmed that measure that is part of your concern to continue advancing in a basic model of social guarantee for their workers, when they meet the threshold of useful capabilities in their work and have to withdraw from the company.


They noted that after long hours of discussions, within the framework of the process of adaptation of the project of pensions and severance pay, are laid the Foundation for the signing of an agreement of support coming to immediately help the workers of the port which manages the container terminal and general cargo of Puerto Cortes.


Each of the Dockworkers plan we can deduce do pension in the new scheme of concessions.



They explained that it is the UN fund long-term savings, handled a through an account individual name Each Affiliate employee and that grows with each contribution made, plus income or interest generated by the investments made with European standardization organizations: resources.



They noted that the aim of the workers start their own pension fund is to ensure that at the time of their termination, they can have an income to ensure their independence, stability and economic security.

Among the benefits that brings a single employee Each such fund, is the fact that as a beneficiary, you own your money, In addition to the profitability generated by their funds.



The pension will be handled by experts who are responsible for investing them with the aim of increasing the balance of the Account of a Business through Reliable and Secure. Also, they enjoy: tax benefits, since the contributions made deductible son of taxable income for the calculation of income tax (ISR) and those who contribute to the Pension Fund and Severance have the option of acquiring UN Insurance voluntary life allowing them to be covered against the risk of disability or premature death, but also covers help them burial.

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