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May 15, 2014   -   Posted by opc   -   in News   -   Comments Off on OPC advances in the modernization of Puerto Cortés through investment in new equipment

Central Port Operator (PCO) reported that thanks to a defined strategic plan has achieved steady progress with the modernization of the container terminal and general cargo of Puerto Cortés, primarily through investment in modern port equipment. Equipment purchased so far, which is already operating mostly in the terminal, is mainly composed of modern cranes, devices for container transport, operating software and security systems and training.

John Corum, Director General of OPC, said the new equipment is being made to optimize the processes in the terminal and is expected to gradually streamline operations will benefit users of Puerto Cortés.

Of investments can be made ​​of the acquisition and implementation of the following elements:



  • – In addition to the gantry crane belonging to the ENP , OPC has added four new mobile cranes spring generation , which are currently operational .
  • – We have acquired six new spreaders , fasteners for containers , which are used for the four mobile cranes , offering to have backup equipment for non-stop operation in case of breakdowns.
  • – They have purchased 28 new trucks to specialized port terminals , of which 8 have arrived and the remaining 20 will arrive in July this year .
  • – Has also invested in 36 special chassis for port operations , which serve to unload the container in a safe and easy way , which arrive at the terminal during the month of July 2014.
  • – Acquisition of 16 reach- stackers , new art machines for the movement of containers in yard internationally, 6 of which are already in port , 4 arrive during the month of May, and the last 6 between June and August 2014.
  • – Buy muffi four trailers , which are specialized heavy duty low chassis, which will arrive in June 2014
  • – Also there are already 12 new service vehicles that are already in operation.
  • – A fuel truck safely to supply the machinery is operating within the terminal.
  • – A crane simulator for training next generation of crane operators in order to gain efficiency without taking up equipment intended for operations .
  • – We have already implemented a next-generation operating software for operation of port terminals called Navis N4 , which did not exist before . This software is used for pre-planning of operations and monitor them during the execution of loading or unloading , load control on patios, and allow at various stages operations of more agile way for customers through the WEB .
  • – Security (cameras, scanners staff, biometric control etc. . ) Which will be installed during April at an early stage .
  • – In the absence of infrastructure direct connections for refrigerated containers , and to meet market demand without problems during the season, acquired four OPC own eight generators for rent achieving a capacity of approximately 750 outlets , surpassing by 30% the capacity pre . Is expected in November 2014 Finish the infrastructure work including 1500 direct connections for refrigerated containers , exceeding 600 % the capacity of existing direct connections.
  • – All machines shipped were requested with special specifications to operate in Puerto Cortes, taking into account the existing damage to the existing infrastructure , which will be recovered as part of the commitments set out in the contract.


In addition to the equipment acquired and to avoid impact on operations during transfer of the terminal , OPC has temporarily rented various machines for movement of containers in yard immediately generating greater availability of equipment in the past.

It has also redesigned the charge distribution in yards so the need for machines is lower than before due to better use between areas .

It has acquired the existing operational team of the ENP , which is recovering thanks to heavy investment in the purchase of spare parts and corrective maintenance.

Importantly, throughout the restructuring process, the operation of the port has continued and has worked in an orderly , strategic and responsible for the port continues to operate and at no time interrupted operations .

OPC confident Honduras and its people, and believes that the current conditions generate opportunities for investment with good prospects for the future , so the company wants decisively contribute in achieving better living conditions for its inhabitants and better position in the context of regional competition.

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